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Common Questions

How much will Rolly pay for my house?

Rolly Homes is a cash buyer. We use a formula to determine our offer price, which includes consideration of the retail value, location, repair cost, size, amenities and rental rate for the property. You should not expect the offer from Rolly to be a retail price.

Why would I want to sell a house to Rolly Homes when I could list it and get a retail price?

Speed! To get full retail price for a house you will probably have to do all the repairs, declutter it, clean it and list with an agent. Then wait until a retail buyer shows up and hope they qualify for a loan. With Rolly there is none of that. Rolly will make an offer and close on the sale just as quickly as the paperwork can be done.

What do you mean by CASH?

It's not $100 bills in a briefcase. Cash in real estate means the buyer can wire funds to the title company quickly. No waiting for a banks approval. So cash means a quick closing.

What if I don't like the price Rolly Homes offers?

There is not obligation. Simply say no to the offer.

What if the house has liens like HOA dues or back taxes?

No problem, we will take all existing liens into consideration when we make an offer. The liens can either be paid by you, from the proceeds of the sale or Rolly will pay off the liens at closing. It will depend on the agreement we reach.

What if the house is already listed with a Realtor?

We work with Realtors all the time and would be happy to speak with your Realtor directly.

Is Rolly Homes (Robin or Sally) a Realtor?

Nope, we are just a couple, married 25 years, who buy houses.

What if the bank is forclosing?

Until the foreclosure is complete, the house still belongs to you, and is yours to sell. The bank would actually prefer that the house sells prior to foreclosue so the loan is paid off at closing.

Can I stay in the house as a Tenant after you buy it?

Our policy is never to rent a property back to the seller. It's been our experience that people have a difficult time being tenants in what was once their own home.

Why sell to Rolly

       Rolly Homes is a CASH BUYER, no waiting for lenders underwriting, meaning no delays.
       There's no need to make repairs or prepare the property for showings.
       There's no need to open the home and try and market it to buyers.
       You won't have to continue paying for something that you don't need anymore.
       No weeks/months of painful waiting for someone to buy the home.
       You don't need to worry about all the paperwork and legal hassles.
       A title company handles all the closing documents.
       You DON'T PAY a real estate commission. (Normally 6% of the price).
       Avoid foreclosure with a quick sale and closing.

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